About Rwanda

Rwanda is a small, beautiful landlocked country located at the crossroads between East and Central Africa. It borders the Congo (to the West), Uganda (Northeast), Tanzania (Southeast) and Burundi (South) and is affectionately known as The Land of a Thousand Hills. It is about the size of Belgium, and with over 11 million people, it the most densely populated country in Africa.

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In 1994 Rwanda was destroyed by one of the worst genocides in modern history. Nearly one million people were killed. 3 million people fled as refugees, its treasury was looted, and its institutions were decimated. When the genocide ended, Rwanda was no longer a country.

The story of Rwanda’s recovery over the past sixteen years is truly inspirational. Against all odds Rwanda has restored peace and security, returned 99% of its refugees to their homes, and implemented a unique form of restorative justice called Gacaca to deal with its huge backlog of criminal cases.

Today Rwanda has average 7% economic growth and was recently hailed as the 8th easiest place in the World to start a business and the top global reformer for 2010 by the World Bank. It is safe and clean, has low levels of corruption, is rapidly increasing in infrastructure and institutions, and  through its Vision 2020 Strategy aims to transition Rwanda from a primarily agrarian society to the dominant service providing economy in the region by 2020. This will happen primarily through investment in education, business development, and trade and Rwanda is actively engaging entrepreneurs from around the World to come and see for themselves and explore opportunities to invest.

WANT MORE? Check out the BBC’s profile on Rwanda.


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