Welcome to our Rwandan Adventure…

Our party sounds a bit like the start of a good joke – a Belgian, an American, an Aussie, a Frenchman and a Dane walk into a bar…

But we’re not walking into a bar, we’re flying into Rwanda.  And it’s not a joke.  Over the past few months, in anticipation of this trip, I’ve learned so much about this wonderful African country.  I’ve shared some of Rwanda’s story with my children – the story I’ve learned from books, social media, movies, newspapers – all someone else’s perspective.  But soon, I will have my own perspective to share, my own story to tell.

Opportunity Rwanda client Solange Mukakarangwa in her store

Five of us, all women, all living in the UK and all members of the Women’s Opportunity Network, are joining with another four women from the US to experience Rwanda and her people first hand.  We’ll start in Kigali and visit staff and clients of Opportunity International’s implementing partner Urwego Opportunity Bank, spending three days with those impacted through this microfinance institution.

After what are sure to be very full days, within many different communities from rice farmers to market stall owners, we’ll move onto the Musanze district.  Here we hope to see gorillas in their natural habitat – quite a hike so I’m hoping my winter fitness is up to it.  Finally, we’ll return to Kigali, debrief and then head home, with my own story to tell.

The five of us will be updating this blog for the week we’ll be in Rwanda, and then this blog will be no more.  We’ll take turns writing a brief report each day, and post loads of photos so friends and family elsewhere in the world can see a bit of our time as it happens.  If you’d like to subscribe, please do so.  You’ll get one email per day for the week and then that’s it – no spam, promise.


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